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Spring Artifacts

Artifact Twelve

Bloch, J.  (2019, June 3). Jaclyn Bloch’s Biography.    

Apparently, I have not had to write a biography in many years.  When I read through our assignment to write a short and a long biography, I figured that I at least had something I could use as a starting point.  However when I went searching through my old files, and found the biography I had been thinking about, upon reading it, I realized there was almost nothing in there that I could or would use for this new version.  It is amazing how a few years of life experience, as well as the experience of working through a Master’s program where there is constant introspection, can cause such a shift in world-view both externally and internally.  The exercise of writing a biography is hard. Strong personality that comes through in things I produce, I have a varied background, Still not where I want it to be, but below is the version that I did submit in June. Reminder that as I move onward in my life, that I need to assess it.  My biography won’t just be a file that I store, ready to send off to anyone for any occasion. It is deeply personal and evolves just like I do as a person and a professional.  

Jaclyn Bloch’s Short Biography:

Jaclyn has approached her career with curiosity, courage and spirit. Her ability to build strong relationships has allowed her continued opportunities as both a leader and a mentor. After graduating from Cornell University with a BS in Communication, she pursued her passion, and hustled her way into the upper echelons of the hospitality industry, coordinating events at Thomas Keller’s per se, one of the best restaurants in the world. She went on to serve the top restaurants and retailers in the country, carving out a role as Vice President of Primizie Fine Foods. The reputation she built in these roles, working with products she believed in, and companies she was proud to be a part of, allowed for the continued growth of her personal brand. Jaclyn’s thoughtfulness in facilitating connections, while enthusiastically championing others passions, led her to start her own consulting business. As the Chief Experience Officer at Big Belly Bloch, she specializes in working with makers and creators, predominantly in the hospitality industry, with a focus on project management, creative direction, brand strategy and the synergy among these that goes into building the ultimate customer experience. Jaclyn believes that knowing who you are and how to communicate it to others, is the foundation of personal and professional success, as is always open to continued learning and growth. She is currently obtaining her MS in Communication at Northwestern University and in their distinguished Hybrid Leadership Program, which she will use to strengthen her abilities as a creative strategist and an impactful communicator.

Artifact Thirteen

Bloch, J.  (2019, May 18).  Training and development package capstone proposal. 

Below is a link to my five page proposal for my capstone project.  The project is due at the end of the program but I completed this proposal in May, as it needed to be reviewed before moving forward with completion of the project.  The capstone project is the MSC program’s end of program project. Completing it is akin to completing a thesis. It is meant to serve as an application for the culmination of learning we have done throughout the program courses and to apply it to something that is relevant in our real life.  Training and development means essentially that, that you use your project to train and/or develop a program, curriculum or in my case, people. I chose to focus on tools that small business owners could use in building their brand and while I knew from my experience working with small business owners and having many friends who are small business owners, that there were not many free resources for this, I had to find evidence to support my theory.  The proposal includes that evidence, gathered from scholarly research I conducted. I had not done a research paper in over ten years, and prior to starting the research I felt very intimidated. However, I quickly got back into the grove and was reminded that I have an aptitude for taking in a lot of information and synthesizing it. It is one of the qualities that makes me an effective project manager. Satisfied with my proposal and excited to build an online community and create a resource for small business owners.          

Capstone proposal

Artifact Fourteen

Bloch, J.  (2019). Collective intelligence test activity 1:  Arctic survival. [Document].  

In MSC 496-6:  Leadership & Decision Making, we participated in a serious of online group activities throughout the duration of the course.  Our first activity that was done via the Slack interface was to rank items needed, from most important to least important, if we were in a scenario where we were stranded in the Arctic and were looking to survive.  I wish I had access to the Slack conversation, I did not take a screen shot, but my reflection, to which there is a link below, shares my thoughts on the experience.  I was disappointed in myself as I failed to fight hard enough to stand up for my position.  I expressed my opinion, taking the role of the dissenter, which is a person in a group that challenges the opinions of the other group members, but I ultimately gave in to what the rest of the group was thinking.   This is not something I would typically do but we were on a timer and I was working with a couple of strong personalities.  I also knew it was a group exercise so I felt like I had to go along with the group so that we could reach a decision.  I was really upset with myself after the fact and moving forward, especially when collaborating across technology, I need to make sure that my opinion is heard and learn how to better communicate when not in person. 

Collective Intelligence Reflection

Artifact Fifteen

Bloch, J.  (2019, June 1).  Examples where a federal agency did not do their homework.  [Discussion post].

Retrieved from https://canvas.northwestern.edu/courses/91852/assignments/551789/submissions/109657

This artifact is my post to our cohort discussion board for our second course of the Spring term, Current Issues in Law, Technology & Strategy.  The course was one I thought was going to be very esoteric but turned about to be incredibly practical and applicable to everyday life. The day prior to reading the assignment, I had seen a story on the news about there being concerning issues with quality of generic drugs and the standards of the oversees facilities at which they are being manufactured.   FDA having issues with generic drugs. Now constantly thinking about regulation and also find that it is a topic that arises in conversations or rather having conversations about topics where regulation is relevant. As someone who , more on the creative side, move forward in my career and in life, always have that regulation hat on and now thanks to this course, I have a long list of strategies to use.     

Discussion Post – Federal Agency Did Not do Homework

Jun 1, 2019 Jun 1 at 2:39pm

This week I saw a segment on the news exposing the large amount of safety issues with some generic drugs and generic drug manufacturers.  This took me by surprise as over the years, I know that myself and my family members, have increasingly been prescribed generic drugs over about the brand drugs.  It was my assumption that these drugs, while less expensive than brand drugs, were essentially the same thing and just as effective and safe. I also never thought about their provenance, blindly assuming most of them were made in the U.S.  However, as I learned on the news broadcast, many of these drugs are made overseas in India and China, where regulations are more lax than in the U.S. While the FDA does inspections abroad, the manufacturing plants are told well in advance, giving them enough time to clean-up and even hide some of their practices and equipment.  There is also little information on long-term effects of tainted generic drugs.

According to a PEW article from 2019, “The Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984, also known as the Hatch-Waxman Act, created an abbreviated pathway to bring generic drugs to market.”*   Since then, the FDA has continued to support the approval of generic drugs. I believe that the recent news I heard, shows that the FDA did not do it’s homework on the factories where these generic drugs are coming from and should reassess the approval process for which generic drugs from abroad come into the U.S. market.


Artifact Sixteen

Bloch, J.  (2019, May 22).  [Video file]. My company needs a skyscraper.  

Current Issues in Law, Technology and Strategy, our second course of the Spring semester really pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  I dislike filming myself and having to record videos of myself. Additionally, I had many technological issues in doing so during previous course where we had to record a lot of videos.  At the point in the program where MSC 521-6 started, we had not to record videos in months-it was amazing! For this assignment we were given a case study to review but we had to get creative.  I was concerned that I was just making things up but I was trying to craft a story.  In my work, I am often crafting stores but they are based on fact and real experiences.  From the MSC program I have learned that with out real information I do a very bad job. Having the case study information as well as experience living in a variety of gentrifying cities provided enough relatable and concrete information for me to work with.  While I came to feel confident in my narrative, I still encountered issues while recording. I had already recorded it several times and in my last recording where I was mostly happy, my dog decided to start whining. Elena, our TA, picked up on the fact that my eye direction was not right at the camera.  This example shows how the smallest things can be noticed on camera and how you cannot be distracted from the importance of looking at your audience. I will continue to push myself into a space where I feel uncomfortable as that is the only way to get better.       

My company needs a skyscraper